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Tired trying to quit smoking and going back to it again and again? Well it happens with all of us no need to burnout:) We all have been there and to be genuinely speaking it is tough.
But, today it’s a modern world and there are many great innovations that can help you quit smoking without being too tough on yourself…
We are here with an initiative to take these cancer rolls out of your life for good:)

Motivational Stories By EX Smokers


EX Smokers

Have you experienced life without teeth? No, right? Just pray that never happens. I’m maria, I lost all my teeth because of smoking when I was 45. I was smoking for a long time and I did face breathing issues but I never took notice all I could think of was, when will I get to smoke again. Read More…

I had bleeding in my gums and I even lost a few teeth, but I kept smoking then after some time things really started to get serious in my mouth and I couldn’t figure out what was the issue so I visited a doctor.

That day I got to know that I have serious dental issues due to smoking and all my left-out teeth will be removed in a surgery or else the situation will get worse. I couldn’t believe my ears! I asked the doctor if I quit smoking will that help?

But the doctor told me it’s too late but if I don’t quit, I’ll face many other issues related to my throat and other organs. I got done with the surgery but life was not the same. I can’t eat any solid food, I can’t smile. Nothing is the same.

I’ll request every smoker to quit because this is poison! It takes away the life from you.


EX Smokers
Hey, I’m Joey and I got addicted to smoking when I was 16, now I’m 35 and a father
of a son. So, I smoked for 18 years and by smoking, I mean I smoke heavy! After a while, I developed smoker’s cough and shortness of breath but I did not notice it at first. Read More… A few months later, my right lung collapsed and I spent 2 weeks in the hospital.

The doctors also found early COPD, this was the reason it became harder and harder to breathe every passing day. I was on the hospital bed and my 5-year-old son was looking at me from the glass window. This was the day I promised myself that SMOKING NEEDS TO END!

I tried going Cold Turkey but that didn’t help much so, a friend of mine recommended me quit smoking products. No doubt it was hard to adjust to the new routine at first because the thought of cigarettes just doesn’t leave you that easy. My wife and the face of my son really helped me through this and now! Its been a complete year and I’m smoke-free. Quit smoking products really work and have helped me never look back at smoking again. Today, I can actually breathe. I can play with my son because now I have energy. When I smoked, I had seriously no energy. Smoking really sucked beauty out of my life, my family got affected because of this habit. My work got affected and above anything, my body suffered really bad. Those days in the hospital and the killing pain is something that I can not forget. I cannot be happier because now I’m smoke-free and I’m living my life.

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