Have You Experienced Life Without Teeth?

Have you experienced life without teeth? No, right? Just pray that never happens.

I’m maria, I lost all my teeth because of smoking when I was 45. I was smoking for a long time and I did face breathing issues but I never took notice all I could think of was, when will I get to smoke again.

I had bleeding in my gums and I even lost a few teeth but I kept smoking then after some time things really started to get serious in my mouth and I couldn’t figure out what was the issue so I visited a doctor.

That day I got to know that I have serious dental issues due to smoking and all my left-out teeth will be removed in a surgery or else the situation will get worse. I couldn’t believe my ears! I asked the doctor if I quit smoking will that help? But the doctor told me it’s too late but if I don’t quit, I’ll face many other issues related to my throat and other organs.

I got done with the surgery but life was not the same. I can’t eat any solid food, I can’t smile. Nothing is the same.

I’ll admit quitting was hard I tried going cold turkey but that didn’t work then I switched to vaping and now finally I am smoke-free but I’ll request every smoker to quit because this is poison! It takes away the life from you.

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