The addiction I felt for cigarettes was just too powerful

The addiction I felt for cigarettes was just too powerful that even the thought of living a day without them was haunting. I always thought that there’s no way I’ll ever be able to quit smoking.

Hey, I’m matt and I’m 40, I have smoked since I was 18. 3 packs a day was my thing but then a day comes that changed my life completely. I lived with my father in a small apartment and my father was too old so, he never really stopped me from smoking in our apartment.

My father never smoked; he was a sober man but the cause of his death was Pneumonia in both lungs. My father had no lung issues at all so I asked the doctor about the reason behind this lung damage and the reason has now become the worse nightmare of my life. “his lungs were completely damaged because of smoke that he inhaled, was he a smoker?” these words of the doctor haunt me till date.

My father couldn’t live because I smoked. the last conversation I had with my father was about him asking me to quit.

The day my father died I told myself that I’ll quit smoking because this killed my father. This deadly habit killed a man who never even came close to cigarettes. I just want smokers to realise that this habit is for no good. It simply kills us and everyone around us. Vaping has literally no comparison to smoking because it was nearly impossible for me quit but vaping helped me throughout and I have never felt better about myself before. My lungs can function better and my body is in its best form.

Quit before your loved ones pay the penalty.

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