It is Never Too Late To Realise

I inhaled my first puff when I was 15 and by the time, I was 16 I smoked a complete pack a day. I’m Michelle, I’m now 35. Smoking gas been a big part of my life and honesty, it has been the cause of many problems in my life too.

I was diagnosed with smoking-related oral and throat cancers when I was 28. I went through surgery to get my voice box removed; I was left with no voice so I use artificial ways to speak. Radiation and chemotherapy treatments scarred my face and neck badly. It was all a nightmare. At the same time, I was fighting my battle my mother was also in the last stage of colon cancer because of smoking.

Unfortunately, my mother could not fight and she died. The last talk we had was about her begging me to stop before it’s too late. We did not know that it was actually late for her she smoked for 25 years almost.

My mother’s death and my declining health scared me from smoking again but the addiction was too strong that it was actually hard for me to stay away from cigarettes. I couldn’t feel any control over myself. One day my brother came home with a device it was for vaping. He offered me to try and that day till now I have been vaping but never touched a single cigarette.

Not just that my health has finally gotten better and is continuing to get better every day. I do know this journey is hard for every smoker but believe me you will never regret this decision. You’ll see changes in your health and around you as soon as you quit smoking.

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