That one puff changed into a deadly addiction

I’m 28 and I’ve been smoking since I was about 20. The reason I started smoking was that everyone around me was smoking, at work and around friends. I decided to give it a try and oh well, I don’t know when that one puff changed into a habit and when the habit changed into addiction.

Oh, plus my name is Harry. I have smoked for a long time, and in the first few years it was all pleasure because I couldn’t feel any changes in my body as such but as the years passed in my 4th year of smoking 2-3 packs a day my health started to get affected, most of the time I had no energy and I feel awful. Breathing difficulty and panic attacks were a part of life. In the last few months before quitting my health completely declined. I couldn’t breath and I couldn’t work. Life was on a bed and still all I could think of was the killer because I just wanted to have a puff.                                                                                                                                                

One night I had this dream that I have died while smoking, I woke up and I was shivering bad.

That day till Today I have not smoked, it has been almost 1 year now. It’s been really difficult; I’m not going to lie because in the start I tried going cold turkey but failed so now I’ve switched to vaping and it has really helped me a lot. My health has improved my bank account is in a good position. Each day I feel better than before and each day is gets easier. Quitting may not be easy, but it’s possible and it is worth it.

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