Hi, I’m David, and smoking almost killed me even when I never smoked.

Hi I’m David and I was never a smoker. I’m 40 years old now and I worked at a Casino for almost 18 years. My workplace actually allowed smoking so people used to smoke around me all the time. It was my job so I kept doing it and I did not know about the harm that Second-hand carried. At first, I develop some allergies and serious infections. Then, I was told that I had asthma. 

After a while I was told by the doctors that my lungs have been permanently damaged. When I asked the reason, the doctors told me that it’s the environment that I work in. It was that day I realised that I need to find a job somewhere else.

I was a man who used to cycle a lot and after the damage caused by smoking, I could not cycle for more than 5-10 mins. My life completely stopped even when I did not even smoke myself, I just realised that if this can happen to me even without smoking, what could possibly happen to people who inhale smoke every day, I just shared my story to request you all to quit smoking today. Along with gravely affecting you smoking also affects everyone around you.

If you can’t just quit just choose vaping because now from the past 2, I’m working at a café that allows vaping but not smoking and I have not faced any issues. These are not just words, vaping actually is a safer alternative.

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